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box_arrow1.gif The Hammer
CPR Tools' Hammer implements the Secure Erase command to completely purge all data from ATA harddrives. This easy to use, one-step device connects to up to four harddrives via standard cables and erases data at speeds up to 4.0 GB per minute. For onsite data purging, the compact, portable Hammer operates as a stand alone device...
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box_arrow1.gif The SCSI Hammer

SCSI Hammer implements the SCSI Security Erasure Write technique to completely purge all data, including remapped bad sectors, from SCSI hard drives. Unlike degaussing, SCSI Hammer destroys data, not hardware, allowing for redeployment of drives without the costs associated with hardware replacement. Compact and easy-to-use, this one-step device connects to up to 30 hard drives simultaneously

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box_arrow1.gif PSIClone

Designed by the best data recovery engineers in the business, the PSIClone is the device chosen by forensic investigators to reconsruct "unrecoverable" data. Functionality includes Cloning, Imaging, Secure Erasing and much more.

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