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compac tape

Erases All
Media Formats

compac tape
HD1 Hard Drive Media Degausser

compac tape
Belt Degaussers

box_arrow1.gif PF-211 Video / Audio Media Eraser
video / audio media eraser

2300 Gauss Field Erases audio and video tape, floppy disks, 3.5" disks and most tapes up to 1/2", not metal particle tape Duty Cycle: 1 minute on; 5 minutes off
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box_arrow1.gif PF-215 High Performance Media Eraser
high performance video / audio media eraser

2800 Gauss Field Erases audio and video tape, 8mm, DAT, magnetic media, metal tapes, and most tapes up to 1/2" Duty Cycle: 1 minute on; 30 minutes off .
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box_arrow1.gif PF-250 Professonial Media Eraser
professional media eraser

3000 Gauss Field Erases 10 1/2", 7", 6", reels for cassettes and cartridges, all 1" and 1/2" video cassettes, including beta and all audio cassettes
Duty Cycle: 2 minute on; 15 minutes off
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box_arrow1.gif MDS4 Degausser

Provides continuous duty degaussing for VHS, diskettes, 3480 and more. Intermittent degaussing of 8mm, SVHS and 1" tape reels. The perfect degausser for security, law enforcement & data centers.
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box_arrow1.gif MDS5 DLT Degausser

The workhorse of our product line. The MDS5 erases virtually all formats of tape, diskettes and hard-disks. The MDS5 erases all metal particle formats such as Beta SP, Beta SX, Digital BetaCam, D1-D5, 3490 data cartridges and more. The TD-5 also operates continuously without overheating in the low setting. This low setting provides complete erasure for VHS, audio, 8mm & 4mm formats
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box_arrow1.gif HD-1 All Media / Hard Drive Degausser

The HD-1 Professional Degausser is designed specifically to erase high-coercivity media.  High coercivity media includes hard drives and all metal particle tape formats such as Beta SP, Beta SX, Digital BetaCam, D1-D5, 3490 data cartridges and more.
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box_arrow1.gif Dataraser 105 VHS/3480 Degausser
Dataraser 105 Professioanl Degausser

The CDS Dataraser 105 erases media to its original blank condition in a single, five-second pass. Increased reuse of data cartridges, 10 1/2 inch data reels, diskettes and audio cassettes significantly reduces the cost of purchasing new media. (Will not erase metal tape formats such as 4mm, 8mm or DAT.)
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box_arrow1.gif CDS-1500 Degausser

The CDS-1500 is our continuous duty degausser that can erase up to 244 diskettes per minute. With the optional feed hopper, you can have a virtually "hands free" degaussing operation. Just load the hopper, turn the degausser on and the CDS-1500 will erase the media automatically.
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box_arrow1.gif CDS-2500A Degausser

The CDS-2500A continuously erases up to 90 VHS tapes per minute. In addition, the field strength switch allows the erasure of metal particle tapes up to 2200 oersteds. VHS tapes require one pass, while metal particle tapes require two passes.
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box_arrow1.gifHD-2 Hard Drive & Tape Degausser - also erases DLT, SDLT, LTO Ultrium, 3590 & More

The HD-2 is the newest and most innovative product in Garner’s line of degaussers. The HD-2 erases hard drives (laptop, desktop and network up to 1" high) and high coecivity tape media, including all formats of LTO (1, 2, 3, ), SuperDLT I & II, DLT, 9940, 3590, AIT, 8mm and more, all without any adaptors. With a continuous duty rating (no cooling necessary), quiet operation and a 60 second cycle time, the HD-2 can fit right on a desktop.[ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif Model 8000 Hard Drive/Media Degausser

The Model 8000 Table Top unit is a low-noise, compact unit with 'industrial strength' flux fields. It features a foot-control for hands-free operation and can degauss a wide range of magnetic media, including 1/4", 1/2", 1" and 2" thick reels, and up to 16" diameter reels. [ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif V91HD/DLT, LTO Degausser

The V91HD/DLT bulk eraser is a high energy, bulk eraser especially to tackle the erasing of hard drives and of DLT tapes. [ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif V94 Degausser - VHS, Audio Cassettes

Designed to provide a cost effective facility to erase a variety of common video and data magnetic media formats, the V94 will appeal to anyone in the video industry who requires a low cost, compact eraser to handle small to medium quantities of cassettes, cartridges or tapes.
[ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif 4000FS Degausser

Today's metal particle video tape formats allow better resolution, less video noise and higher frequency recording. The problem is these super-high coercivity tape formats - 2000 oersteds and increasing - are very difficult to erase. Conventional tape erasers just can't do it. The solution is the Eliminator 4000! [ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif The HDTD-8200 Hard Drive Degausser

The HDTD-8200 is the industry solution for permanent erasure of data contained on hard drives. The HDTD-8200 is designed to permanently remove all data and formatting from today's hard drives. Stored energy is quickly released to produce short, focused erasing fields that penetrate through the hard drive housing, changing the magnetic properties contained on the data disk platters. [ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif CF-750 type 2A Professional Degausser

As high coercivity magnetic media becomes the industry standard, the lower energy degaussers currently in use are now insufficient for high coercivity media. Garner, the leader in degaussing equipment for over 20 years, answers with its NSA type 1 approved CDS-2700.[ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif CDS 2700 Professional Degausser

The Model CF-750 II-A degausser meets the National Security Agency/Central Security Service Specifications L14-4-A and Department of Defense Manual 5200.28M for erasure of Type II-A Magnetic Media.[ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif P1100 Degaussing wand
degaussing wand

Department of Defense Certified. The P1100 Magnetic Media Degaussing Wand safely and effectively erases a wide range of magnetic media. It can be used to degauss, disk drives, disk packs, multi-platter disk packs, flexible disks, and any other flat surface magnetic memory. [ More >>]

box_arrow1.gifCD/Optical Media Eraser
Optical Media Eraser

Erase and declassify CD-ROMS, WORM CD, CD-RW, CD-R and other Optical Media. Declassify CDs in 12 seconds. The Model 1200 is desktop size and a necessary tool for computer optical media security. [ More >>]

box_arrow1.gif CD/DVD Declassifier - DOD/NSA approved

  • Model 1250 - DOD approved
  • CD/DVD Declassifier

    Model 1250 provides the ultimate remedy for data control for writable RE-Writable, CD-Rom and DVD media, and assures DOD destruction requirements are met [ More >>]

  • box_arrow1.gif CD / DVD Shredder
    CD/DVD Shredder

    Protect your valuable data Instantly makes any CD or DVD completely unreadable Simple hand crank operation

    [ More >>]

    box_arrow1.gif Automatic CD/DVD Shredder
    CD/DVD Shredder

    Safely dispose of CDs or DVDs, permanently destroys all data, powerful 12 Volt electric motor, forward & reverse switch, power adapter included, quickly makes any CD or DVD completely unreadable.

    [ More >>]

    box_arrow1.gif DC-13 Color TV & Monitor Degausser
    DC-13 Color TV & Monitor Degausser

    Color television screens and computer monitors lose their color clarity when magnetized by external magnetic forces. They can be restored to like-new condition by degaussing them and removing this unwanted magnetic charge.

    [ More >>]

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