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Fireproof Data Safes / Fireproof Media Safes / Fireproof Safes Cabinets

Fireproof Media Safes & Fireproof Media Cabinets

While paper records can withstand temperatures up to 350ºF, computer media is damaged beyond use by temperatures above 125ºF and 80 percent humidity. Microfiche, film, and computer media require the added protection that Data-Link fireproof media safes & cabinets offer. Please note the media interior components from which you can choose. Media safes & cabinets can be accessorized in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs. Also, these accessories can be easily changed as storage requirements evolve.Data-Link media safes can hold DLT tapes, Super DLT (SDLT) tape, LTO Ultrium, 3480,3490,3490e,3590,3590e, 8mm,4mm, AIT, AME, 3570 magstar, fiche, microfim, audio video tapes, multi media tape formats to name a few. We carry safes and cabinets from Fireking, Schwab & Phoenix safes

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