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Media Storage & Transport

Roll Film - 16mm & 35mm


Gemtrac is a high density, quick access storage system that makes efficient use of your floor space. Each Gemtrac consists of two large cabinets with vertical drawers. The drawers are like pull-out-shelving and they are supported overhead by tracks that connect the two cabinets. This patented design provides the highest storage per square foot for most small media applications. Gemtracs ship assembled as two separate cabinets, making installation clean and quick. Gemtracs have no floor racks and can even be double stacked for maximum cube efficiency.
Model Description Max. Capacity Height Width Depth Weight
Note: The Roll Film Gemtrac has dedicated special drawers that CANNOT be intermixed with other ProMedia Gemtrac drawers.
16mm / 35mm Roll Film Dedicated - With Plastic Compressor 16mm 35mm        
GD81-Roll-PC 81" Roll Film Gemtrac w/ P.C. 6,300 3,780 81 120 30 1/4 1,830
GD90-Roll-PC 90" Roll Film Gemtrac w/ P.C. 7,140 4,284 90 120 30 1/4 1,950
16mm Roll Film - With Aluminum Dividers          
GD81-Roll-D 81" Roll Film Gemtrac w/ Alum. Div. 5,940 81 120 30 1/4 1,925
GD90-Roll-D 90" Roll Film Gemtrac w/ Alum. Div 6,732 90 120 30 1/4 2,085
GL Optional Gang Lock   81 39 1/2 30
GSP-81 81" Side Panel Set   90 39 1/2 35
GSP-90 90" Side Panel Set   81 30 1/2 30
GBP-8130 81 X 30" Back Panel Set   90 30 1/2 30
GBP-9030 90 X 30" Back Panel Set          

The advantages

  • Highest capacity available
  • Enclosed design is lockable
  • Accommodates all media sizes
  • Quick installation - easy to relocate
  • No floor tracks - installs over carpet
  • Less walking - an entire library at your fingertips

Clear aisles
There are no floor mounted tracks to install or trip over.

Various sizes
Two heights – 81 & 90"– and three standard widths – 30.25, 32.25, & 34.25" – provide a wide range of capacities to choose from.

Mixed media
Adjustable interior drawer shelves may be configured to store mixed media within a drawer or mixed media on a shared shelf.

Entire cabinets, drawers or shelves may be dedicated to a specific media type.

Easy access
All media within a Gemtrac is readily accessible and within reach.

Gemtrac accessories are interchangeable with shelving and include wire bookends, adjustable backstops and discrete-slot
wire racks.

Installation or relocation time and expense are minimal with factory-built, pre-assembled components.

Multiple drawer sizes
Four drawer depths – 5, 6, 7 & 8"– to accommodate all popular media formats. Gemtrac may be specified with all common drawer sizes or any combination of up to four different drawer sizes, which fit standard overall widths.

Overhead tracks
Drawers open smoothly on our patented overhead track system.

Store 3,300 Small Beta Tapes in 25 square feet!

What is Gemtrac?
Gemtrac high-density, lockable storage system saves 50 percent floor space over conventional shelving. Units incorporate two large cabinets with multiple vertical pull-out drawers that are contected by overhead tracks. Vertical storage drawers share a common support track and access space for maximum space utilization. Drawers glide effortlessly on overhead rollers, providing a easy-access ergonomic storage solution.


Adjustable shelves
Shelves are adjustable on 1/2" centers for additional media density. Interior drawer accessories can be configured without tools or additional hardware.

Staggered handles
Space efficient handles are staggered to maximize storage and protect hands when opposing drawers are open.

Double-stacked Gemtrac units
Gemtrac units can be double-stacked where ceiling height permits, providing maximum storage in a small foot print.

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