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49 Port USB Charging Hub for iPads and Other Apple Devices

The DS-IP-SC-49 is perfect if you want to sync the new iPad™ or multiple USB devices at one time. It is the best way available to create centralized management of content: controlling licenses and documents or deploying and updating technology. Instead of trying to sync and maintain content in multiple locations – investing in capabilities that are only occasionally used and important to control -- this can be a great way to optimize resources. The DS-IP-SC-49 also supports all previous iPad models and many other devices.

For most devices that charge at 500 mA (provided by many powered USB ports), the DS-IP-SC-49 will also charge. (This is not a “universal” charging feature. Contact us for details.) It will provide a “trickle charge” for iPads (one that does not display as charging) and is intended as a syncing device, not as a fast-charge device. However, the DS-IP-SC-49 will re-charge many types of USB devices at the same rate as a USB 2.0 port, including iPods.

This hub must be connected to a host to charge as well as sync. There is no standalone charge mode.

Powered by the best-in-class USB technology of Cambrionix, the DS-IP-SC-49 lets you avoid the need to use a large number of USB hub devices (and, in some cases, dedicated chargers) and reduces associated cable clutter and expense. It also saves you money by providing durable, efficient syncing that can be shared by a facility, giving you better management control.

Each DS-IP-SC-49 comes equipped with:


  • a professional Cambrionix board with 49 USB 2.0 connectors to accept iPad cables (not included) and other USB products using the standard USB A-type connector;
  • a durable protective enclosure for daily use;
  • a pre-approved, heavy duty, dual voltage power supply (with custom cover for the cable bundle) to allow the hub to perform reliably when used continuously (meets Energy Star requirements); and
  • a connecting cable from the station to a host computer’s USB A-type connector.


NetSafe-IP Solutions Sync-and-Charge Strategies
The new NETSAFE-IP is the first table-top cabinet that protects, re-charges and syncs 16 to 20 iPads and stores a MacBook as well.  Our best selling sync and charge solution! Sync solutions that fit real life iPad Strategies




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