High Density Mobile Carriages

High Density Mobile Carriages


I.W.S.P. Hi-density Weapon Storage Systems
Unique Fully Integrated Mobile Carriage Solutions – Better by Design

  • Meets and exceeds physical security requirements AR 190-11 & OPNAVINST 5530.13C
  • ADA Compliant ramp for safe access to system

I.W.S.P. Global Presence. With Installations throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

We proudly provide the military and law enforcement communities of the United States, US and local government with the best weapon storage solutions available today. From a single rack solutions to turnkey projects.

US Army, US Navy, USMC, USAF, US Coast Guard, DHS, Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices

Standard Mobile Carriage Options

  • Mechanical Assist Mobile Carriage (manual crank)
  • Electrical Assist Mobile Carriage (push of a button)
  • Bi & Tri-Rack Mobile Carriages (side-by-side slide by)

Standard Mobile Deck Options

  • Floating Deck System (a fully finished height adjustable all steel deck and track system.
    No need to level floor or use plywood sheets, shims, etc.
    No damage to floor, reusable and expandable
  • Low Profile System  (when floor to ceiling height becomes critical)

Weapon Storage Solutions integrated onto High Density Mobile Carriages

Why I.W.S.P. Hi-density Mobile Carriages?
Simply put a SPACE SAVING OF UP TO 50% vs. conventional free standing weapons racking. The storage of multiple and very different weapon systems usually requires considerable floor space. Especially when secure, well organised, easily accessible, highly adaptable and trouble free inventory requirements are a necessity.

A command is given to increase weapon storage capacities, enhance systems flexibility and improve governance for an existing armory or new facility it is often ‘easier said than done’. In reality this directive may highlight deficiencies that are initially more difficult to resolve than at first sight. Space is a prime factor in the rationalization of any given space. If there is insufficient floor space to store what is stipulated problems can rapidly exacerbate an already complex task.

Our unique I.W.S.P. Hi-density Mobile Carriage Systems will efficiently resolve space issues quickly and dramatically.  I.W.S.P. will increase storage capacities many fold all within a smaller footprint. Eliminating wasteful isle ways and utilising our systems exceptional in-built design capabilities to their full potential. Thereby giving the end user a customized solution based on a standard product.

Storage of small arms systems, recoilless rifles, mortars, grenade launchers, cannon systems, NVG’s, optics, bino’s, ammunition, tactical combat gear and personal equipment

I.W.S.P. is the global solutions provider for weapon storage. Designed for land sea and air applications

CAD – Armory Design By DLS Weapon Storage Systems

From Concept to Reality

EWR (Expandable Weapon Storage) Hand Gun – Evidence

Adaptable to Different Weapon Systems

Modular Design – Custom Solutions

Absolute Storage Flexibilty for Different Weapon Systems

Highly Versatile

Browning M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun

SWR (Stackable Weapon Racks) With Regular Security Gates

Ultimate High Density Storage – Colt SMGs

Weapons and Gear Securely Stored, Expertly Configured, Installed & Organized

I.W.S.P. ‘Floating Deck’ – A Significant Advantage for the Armory

  • Can be installed on top of any finished floor surface (concrete, tile, VCT, vinyl, wood, terrazzo, etc.)
  • All carriages have an anti-tip system incorporated into the rail and deck system
  • The all steel ‘Floating Deck’ is height adjustable and ensures level tracking
  • 5″ Carriage wheels and solid steel drive shafts ensure durability and weight loading capacity
  • Carriage system will accommodate 1,000 Lbs per sq ft capacity
  • Heavy duty chains are standard on the drive train mechanism
  • The system is reusable, expandable, and does not damage the floor when installed
  • The Floating Deck System is easily maintained and cleaned. Prevents mildew build-up as there are no sealed spaces
  • The mechanical assist includes a spring-lock ensuring user safety between movable isles
  • AR 190-11 & OPNAVINST 5530.13C Compliant
  • ADA Compliant