Media Transport Cases

Media Transport Cases


Safely transport LTO, DLT or 3480/3490 backup tapes.

Standard Finish: Silver Blue, as shown.
Optional Finishes available, ask for details

Media Transport Case (Heavy Duty, Pad Lockable)
25.5”W x 14”D x 9.5”H

Our NEW Heavy-Duty Transport Case was designed to safely transport (32) LTO or (32) DLT or (40) 3480/3490 cartridges. Complete with retractable handle, heavy duty wheels, 4 rubber bumpers, label holder and high density foam lining.
The case also comes complete with STEEL hinges, hasps and a carry handle. Simply order the case with (2) specifically designed cartridge pacs for LTO, DLT or 3480/3490.
Note: Padlock not included.

Media Pacs
DLT/LTO Pac – 16 Capacity

3480/3490 Pac – 20 Capacity
Note: You may also combine one of each pac.

XpresspaX Cases


Media Storage with tape specific inserts.

XpresspaX Tape/Media Transport Case is an interchangeable color-coded media tray insert system. It’s a unique media storage method that allows you to use the same size container for most media types. The cases are designed to hold different tape types with tape specific insert trays. Each tray gives each tape its own dedicated slot for protection and organization. Inserts are available for most media types: LTO, DLT, ½” tape, 8mm, Magstar, Optical Disk, Terpapack, Microfilm, hard drives.

* Available in a Single or Double-tray container
* High-impact absorbing, customized resin case.
* Strong, double latching system with butterfly clasps and lockable hasps
* Latches are riveted to case along with a strong metal backer plate
* Ergonomically, molded handle
* Oversized bumper to protect case
* Sturdy, comfortable grips for carrying case

Turtle Cases

lto_20 Turtle10_01-679103-1024x1024 TeraTurtle-LTO20
Turtle Cases, by Perm-A-Store have been uniquely designed to protect your valuable data during transport and storage. Each tape cartridge now holds more data than before and the cost to losing the data is that much higher. Turtle Cases are built for business professionals who understand the value of their data and the precautions necessary to protect it.

Due to the unique patented design and functionality, the leading computer tape manufacturers, like Fuji, recommend Turtle Cases. Turtle Cases offer protection against temperature and humidity extremes, tape edge damage from shock/impact and particle contamination.

Classic Turtle cases offer the following features to protect your data:

* Double wall case which reduces G forces resulting from impact.
* Molded dividers sized to the precise dimensions of each tape format cradle each cartridge and prevent shaking/rattling.
* Trapped air space provides insulation from external temperature changes
* Use of foam only with tape and disk formats where plastic cases are employed protects media from contact with debris generating agents inside the case

TeraTurtle cases offer additional features to protect your data:

* Individual slots hold each tape in a vertical position
* Waterproof, Crushproof
* Special TuffTane coated foam provides impact protection without introducing foam debris particles.