Secure Evidence Storage Cabinets

Secure Evidence Storage Cabinets


Evidence Storage Cabinets / Evidence Security Cabinets / Secure Evidence Storage Cabinets

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All cabinets above are 36″ wide x 22″ deep and available in 6 standard heights.
Available in six heights:
DDP # 050-00736
O.D. 36″Hx36″Wx22″D
Internal Usable Height 27″H
DDP # 050-00754
O.D. 54″Hx36″W x 22″D
Internal Usable Height 46.0″H
DDP # 050-00760
O.D. 60″Hx36″W x 22″D
Internal Usable Height 50.5″H
DDP # 050-00766
O.D. 66″Hx36″W x 22″D
Internal Usable Height 57″H
DDP # 050-00772
O.D. 72″Hx36″W x 22″D
Internal Usable Height 62.5″H
DDP # 050-00783
O.D. 83″Hx36″W x 22″D
Internal Usable Height 74″H

When storage of evidence is required and a professional solution is mandated

The Secure Evidence Storage Cabinets were designed for environments common to both law enforcement and correctional services. Choose from six heights of cabinet from 32″ to 83″ high. Our evidence storage solutions are also ideally suited for temporary evidence storage. In other words items held and in need of securing during that critical time period between the actual seizure and transfer to a secure evidence room.

The cabinets can be, single, double or triple access dependent on requirements as suggested by state and/or federal guidelines. House from narcotics to documentation or even small arms in a single source solution that is multi-configurable. Secure ‘locker’ compartments are specified with either regular or secure 3-point Abloy locks (federally approved) and can be self-locking.

Be confident that the ‘chain of custody’ from the seizure of evidence to court room presentation can be accounted for.. Data-Link’s Secure Evidence Storage Cabinet is the solution .

Law Enforcement & Correctional Services

Whether it’s for regular evidence storage or evidence packing stations we have you covered.

  • Houses narcotics, documentation, weapons or personal artifacts
  • Single, double or triple access (self locking and/or individually keyed)
  • Secure 3-point Abloy locks are standard on many components
  • Space saving – the only evidence storage with an all steel bi-parting tambour door
  • Optional all steel security bars (pad lockable) for the tambour door
  • Designed and manufactured completely of steel
  • Can be bolted to the floor for extra security or compliant with seismic regulations
  • An ideal ‘workstation’ for traditional or electronic evidence scales
  • Can be powered for many different types of hardware
  • A host of components available from ‘locker units’ to plain shelves
  • Cabinets designed with ½” incremental adjustment for all components
  • Cabinets come in 6 heights.36″, 54″, 60″, 66″, 72″ and 83″.
  • Cabinets are pre-configured when shipped. Deliver and use immediately
  • From a Sheriffs office or a city Police Department to a Prison Facility

Our secure compartments fit into our cabinet to safely store evidence and other valuables. Cabinet and inserts are all steel construction and individually keyed. Colors: Black or Gray

Heavy Duty Locker 3-Compartment
DDP #050-90031 Space requirement: 5″

3-Compartment insert allows storage of Firearms, Evidence or valuables. Heavy plate steel Doors with 3-point lock mechanism keeps the unwanted ‘but”. All compartments are keyed different with a security abloy lock.

Laptop Security Insert
DDP #050-00748 Space requirement: 6″

Our security drawer holds TWO laptops in separate chambers and has room for power packs and other accessories. Private lock & keys for each chamber are included. Interior storage space for each chamber: 1 5.5″W x 14″D x 4″H. ALSO AVAILABLE as a POWERED UNIT, SEE PAGE #11.

3 Compartment Insert

(C/W Abloy 3 point locks)
DDP #050-90031
Space Requirement: 5.5″

*NEW* 2 compartment insert –

*NEW* PDA – Secure 6 compartment insert

pclaptop_secure3compart.jpg  pclaptop_secure3compart.jpg  pclaptop_secure3compart.jpg

Plain Shelf
DDP #050-00701

The plain shelf allows you to store ring binders, end tab file folders or anything else that requires a shelf. The optional back plate & 5 divider set #050-00713 to go with the plain shelf gives you the perfect file shelf. Dividers are adjustable in 1/2″ increments.
Note: Heavy Duty Shelf also available # 050-00707 .

Back Plate & (5) Divider set
DDP #050-00713

Space requirement:
3-Ring Binders 13.5″
End Tab Ltr/LgI 11.0″

Filing Bin Drawer
#050-00704 Space requirement: 11.0″

(32.5″W x 16.125″D x 9.5″H)
Our bin drawer allows filing of letter and legal hanging folders. With the use of floating file bars, you can divide the drawer to hold letter and legal together or 2 rows of letter. File bars included.

Locking Lid for Bin Drawer
Space Req’d: 12″ (when used on a Bin Drawer)
Add a locking lid to a Bin Drawer and use the drawer for confidential files, personal items or costly supplies. Complete with an Abloy lock & keys.

Security Locking Bars

The security locking bars allow you the option of adding a padlock to your Multi-Media Cabinets. When you add security locking bars you make the cabinet dual access as well. When the key lock (standard on all cabinets) and pad lock are engaged it requires TWO separate keys to open your cabinet. Finish matched to the cabinet. (Padlock not included).
Note: Locking Bars reduce useable cabinet space by 1 .0″.

Caster Base

Turning your Multi-Media Cabinet into a mobile unit can be done at any time. The height of your cabinet will increase by 5″ overall. All four casters are heavy duty ( 2 fixed with locks/2 swivel ). For safety, DDP recommends that you DO NOT put a cabinet over the height of 64″ on a caster base.

Evidence Storage Cabinets are available in 60, 64, 72 & 83″ heights. Choose from Evidence / Hand Gun Compartments, M4/C8 Rifle Drawers, Lockable Storage Drawers & Roll-out Work Shelves to design your own Cabinet. All components are secured inside the Weapons / Evidence Cabinets prior to shipping but can be changed with little effort if your requirement changes in the future. All cabinets are complete with a bi-parting steel tambour door with key lock.

Weapon Cabinets available in Black Santex or Grey Santax
83″ Weapons Cabinet shown with 14-(3) Compartment Hand Gun Inserts and 1 Work Shelf
83″ Weapons Cabinet shown with 9-(3) Compartment Hand Gun Inserts, 1 Locking Storage Drawer, 1 M4 Drawer and 1 Work Shelf


Shown above; tambour open, semi-closed, fully closed. Meshed security gate is optional.