Tape Racks

Tape Racks


Multimedia Tape Storage Racks for storage of LTO, DLT, CD, DVD, 3480/3490 and Audio/Video Tapes


The Dasco Multimedia Tape Storage Racks are the most popular tape rack available.  They are available in TWO heights, 54” & 84” and single or double-sided. Each Multimedia shelf (#048-00115) is designed to hold most tape types (LTO/DLT tapes, CD/DVD, 3480/3490/3592 and Audio/Video Tapes).  Each shelf is adjustable in 1” increments and comes with 2 adjustable dividers. The Dasco Multimedia Tape Storage Racks are 32.5” wide. When adding on to the left or right a common post is used.

Standard Finish: Black Santex

Tape holding capacity per multimedia shelf
Media Qty. Space Req.
DLT/SDLT(in case) 25 6″
LTO/LTO2 (in case) 30 6″
CD/DVD (jewel case) 78 7″
CD/DVD (Slim Line) 156 7″
4MM 52 5″
8MM 40 5″
VHS (sleeve or case) 30 9″
Optical 5.25” 45 7″
3480/3490/3590 32 6″
16MM FILM 32 5″
35MM FILM 20 5″
Note: Other media capacities available.
Components for 54″ & 84″ Multimedia Tape Rack
#048-00101 54″ Single sided post
#048-00103 54″ Double sided post
#048-00100 84″ Single sided post
#048-00102 84″ Double sided post
#048-00145 Joiner bars 32”set of (2)
*ONE set of Joiner bars MUST be ordered for each 32.5” section.
#048-00115 Multimedia Shelf 32” c/w (2)dividers.
4”H x 32”W x 5”D
#048-00155 Additional shelf dividers
multimedia wall racks

Wall Mounted Multimedia Tape Rack
34” H x 33.75” W x 9.75” D

The Wall Mounted Multimedia Tape Rack gives you the ability to store different media/tapes without taking up valuable floor space. Each unit comes complete with (5) shelves, (2) uprights and (1) set of wall mountable joiners. The joiner bars are pre-set to allow for 12”, 16” or 24” stud centers.
Standard Finish: Black Santex

Tape holding capacity per Wall Mounted  Multimedia Tape Rack
Media Qty.
DLT/SDLT(in case) 125
LTO/LTO2 (in case) 150
CD/DVD (jewel case) 390
CD/DVD (Slim Line) 780
4MM 260
8MM 200
Optical 5.25” 225
3480/3490/3590 160
16MM FILM 160
35MM FILM 100
Note: Other media capacities available.

Traditional Tape Rack

Store all of today’s most popular media (LTO/DLT tapes, CD/DVD, 3480/3490/3592 and Audio/Video Tapes).  Dedicated slots.  Flexibility.  Reliable.  Versatile.

multimedia traditional storage racks
* Single sided and double sided racks
* 8 sizes and capacities to choose from
* All welded, 18 gauge cold-rolled steel construction
* Angled base design
* Tapes are stored in individual slots
* Rack arrives fully assembled ready to use
multimedia small storage racks
20-Pack for 3480/3490/3592 tapes clips into racks, carts and cases and is easily removable for movement around the datacenter.
Media Pak Features:
* User configurable multimedia storage that fits into steel tape racks
* Can accommodate most tape/media types
* Dedicated slots
* Save money by updating your current storage system to accommodate most any media
* Locking clips enable easy installation and removal —ideal for vaulting!
* You can even mix media within the same pack!!


Gemtrac full system

Gemtrac is a high density, quick access storage system that makes efficient use of your floor space.
Each Gemtrac consists of two large cabinets with vertical drawers. The drawers are like pull-out shelving and they are supported overhead by tracks that connect the two cabinets.
This patented design provides the highest storage per square foot for most small media applications.
Gemtracs ship assembled as two separate cabinets, making installation clean and quick. Gemtracs have no floor tracks and can be double stacked for maximum cube efficiency.




* Shelving sections pull out like vertical drawers supported on overhead tracks
* High-Density Storage- more tapes per square foot than any other storage system
* All Steel Construction
* Enclosed design provides protection
* Dimensions: 120″ x 30.25″ deep

Clear aisles—no floor mounted tracks:

* All Gemtracs have patented overhead track system for reduced installation and relocation cost; and, “no hazard” clear aisles
* Easy access—media is within arm’s reach
* Optional security locks
* Cases are shipped pre-assembled; time and expense for installation & relocation are minimal compared to mobile shelving