Weapons Locker

Weapons Locker


Individual or smaller requirements now have a solution with the Weapons Locker. Just as versatile as the standard Stackable Weapons Racks, in a smaller foot print, these units can be secured to walls, floors and each other to create the ultimate in space efficiency.

Weapons lockers

Weapons Locker is compatible with Standard 42″ Stackables, ratio of 3:1

Weapons Locker
Weapons locker

– Individual Secure Weapon Storage
– Interchangeable storage components
– Stack and / or connect side to side and back to back
– Padlockable

48″ H (1219mm)
14″ W (356mm) x 15″ D (381mm)

NEW 4 Compartment Pistol Locker
4 compartment pistol locker open
4 Compartment Pistol Locker is stackable on a Dasco Weapons Locker or on top of each other.