About Data-Link

Data-Link was founded in 1983 and started delivering high-quality weapon storage products for military, police and security departments. We take pride on delivering American servicemen and women with storage products that they can rely on for decades.

We’ve helped design the weapon storage aspect of thousands of arms rooms all across the United States for land, sea and airborne applications.

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly-qualified weapon storage experts. Our storage specialists have decades of experience designing the right storage solution for our clients’ exact needs. We provide friendly, 1st class customer service by phone, over email and when we meet in person.

Our Service

We provide a full-service weapon storage experience to our valued customers. This starts with understanding your requirements including knowing your inventory, space and any weight requirements.

We ensure the shipping, delivery and installation also completely satisfies our clients. Once the product has been installed and is used, we’re standing by to assist with any new components, maintenance issues and more. Our top priority is making sure you get the right product with the best service at the right price.

Our Products

Data-Link is proud to offer the best weapon storage products available. We source our products from the best suppliers in the world to deliver a top-notch product to our clients.

All of our weapon storage products are manufactured using heavy-gauge steel that is completely welded together for maximum strength. We increase the durability by finishing the product with a powder-coat Sandtex finish. To secure our products, we offer a full line of lock mechanisms including key locks, combination locks and digital locks.

All weapon storage products are backed by a 15-year limited warranty.

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