Data-Link offers a variety of lock mechanisms to suit every application. Our locks are very secure and can be tailored to your access model. Whether you want locks keyed alike or keyed uniquely with a master key, we have a solution. Select a lock for your cabinet, rack or locker.

Choose from key locks, combination locks, padlocks and digital locks with audit trail.

Abloy Lock and 2 Keys

Abloy Protec Lock & Key

Protect your valuables with one of the most secure locks available. Abloy keys cannot be copied.

Abloy Padlock & 2 Keys

Abloy Padlock & Key

This padlock is incredibly durable and comes with a key that can’t be copied. Use one for an extra level of security.

Wesko Lock And 2 Keys

Wesko Lock & Key

Wesko locks and keys are very secure. Add them to your cabinet or rack today.

3-Digit Combi Lock

3-Digit Combination Lock

The perfect option for avoiding keys. Choose a secure combination with the 3 dials.

4 Digit Combination Lock

4-Digit Combination Lock

Make accessing valuables harder with a 4-digit combination lock. There are thousands of combinations to choose.

Real 3 Combination Lock

REAL Lock 3-Digit Combination Lock

Protect your equipment without a key. Secure your product with a 3-digit combination lock.

Comp-X Digital Lock

Comp-X Digital Lock with Audit Trail

Our most advanced lock. Assign access codes to users and monitor access. Audit trail lets your export entry reports to see who has accessed your valuables.