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7-Compartment Laptop Tower

The 7-Compartment Laptop Tower is the perfect compact, powered laptop-storage solution.

The tower is designed to store 7 laptop computers – one in each compartment. The spacious compartments accommodate large laptops and are equipped with their own power outlets. The compartments can be keyed uniquely with a master key or keyed the same.

The 7-Compartment Laptop Tower is made with heavy-gauge steel that’s completely welded together to provide maximum security. Store and charge your laptops at the same time.
7-Compartment Laptop Towers can be secured side to side or stacked on each other to create a larger solution.

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More Information

The back of the 7-Compartment Laptop Tower is ventilated to allow for airflow. The ventilation allows room temperature air to enter the unit through the back side.

7-Compartment Laptop Towers are used in offices, police stations and remote outposts all over North America.

The towers ship fully assembled, ready to install. Just place the tower in position and plug in the 110V power cord into an outlet. All laptop towers are finished with a grey powder-coat Sandtex finish.

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7-Compartment Laptop Towers are constructed with heavy-gauge steel and are welded together. Each compartment door is attached with an interior concealed hinge and equipped with your choice of lock. The compartments are 4” H x 13.5” W x 17” D.

Each compartment features a 110V power outlet to charge computers. The tower runs on 110V power and needs to be plugged into an outlet.

7-Compartment Laptop Towers are available in a single size:

34” H x 15” W x 15” D

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Ordering Information

Order a 7-Compartment Laptop Tower for your workplace today. Our storage specialists are happy to provide a quote and to help you create the perfect order for your needs.

Please contact us to answer any laptop-tower-related questions.

Small to medium-sized orders that fall within the micro-purchase threshold can be placed right away using your Government Purchase Card or GPC.

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