4-Compartment Sidearm Tower


4-Compartment Sidearm Tower

Store compact tactical equipment in our strong, secure sidearm tower.

The spacious compartments easily accommodate the small gear your team uses in combat and day-to-day service duties. Each compartment has its own lock which can be upgraded to any of our key or combination locks. The bottom of each cubbie comes with rubber matting to gently cushion your handguns, TASER Devices and much more.

Sidearm towers are very secure. The steel doors are mounted on full-length, concealed piano hinges and are made with unique lips and folds to prevent tampering or unwanted access.

This weapon storage solution easily mounts to any wall and can be grouped together to fulfill large storage requirements.

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More Information

Store more than handguns and TASER Devices in your 4-Compartment Sidearm Tower. The compartments are large enough to accommodate other gear including batons, body cameras, optics and more.

Equip each compartment with a number tag so your team members can always find their specific storage compartment.

This solution is trusted at home in the United States and around the world to deliver secure storage for sidearms. Sidearm towers are found in arms rooms and training centres all over North America. Add them to your weapon storage system today.

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4-Compartment Sidearm Towers are made with heavy-gauge steel that is welded together for added strength. To increase the durability of each locker, we powder-coat each one with a grey Sandtex finish.

The overall dimensions of the tower are 22.75” H x 12” W x 8” D. Each compartment is 4.5” H x 10” W x 7” D and includes rubber matting.

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Ordering Information

Add a 4-Compartment Sidearm Tower to your weapon storage system today. Enjoy versatile, secure storage for your compact tactical equipment.

Our expert storage specialists can help you decide if this product is right for your team.

Small to medium-sized orders that fall within the micro-purchase threshold can be placed right away using your Government Purchase Card or GPC.

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