Double-Sided Expandable Weapon Racks


Double-Sided Expandable Weapon Racks

Add a two-sided weapon storage system to your arms room today.

Double-Sided Expandable Weapon Racks are perfect for secure rooms and vaults. The open-access rack allows you to store your complete firearm inventory or MTOE. Easily expand the racks with additional posts and panels if your storage requirements change. With over 100 components that simply integrate with the panel, we’re positive we have a storage solution for your guns and accessories.

Double-sided racks are great for creating aisles in your storage area. You can now maximize every square-inch of space in your designated area. These heavy-gauge steel racks are trusted by tactical units all over the world for their dependability. Order them for your arms room today.

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More Information

These open-access racks are great for quickly deploying weapons. With no locks or barriers in the way, your team can be ready for action in seconds.

They also work well in maintenance areas where weapons may need to be stored for brief periods of time but also need to be easy to access.

Compliment your Single-Sided Expandable Weapon Rack with a double-sided system today

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All of our panels, posts and components are made with heavy-duty steel. All contact points with weapons have protective gaskets to cushion your equipment.


  • 50 in. H x 34 in. W
  • 50 in. H x 40 in. W
  • 84 in. H x 34 in. W
  • 84 in. H x 40 in. W


  • 34 in. H. x 34 in. W.
  • 34 in. H. x 34 in. W.
  • 12 in. H. x 40 in. W.
  • 12 in. H. x 34 in. W.
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Ordering Information

Contact us today to quote and order your Double-Sided Expandable Weapon Racks.

Our team of storage specialists is ready to help you with all of your questions and design the perfect solution for your needs. We’ll analyze your MTOE, your space limitations and any other requirements to ensure you get the exact solution you need for the right price.

Small to medium-sized orders that fall within the micro-purchase threshold can be placed right away using your Government Purchase Card or GPC.

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