Excalibur Locker

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Excalibur Locker

Store uniforms, gear and personal items with the strongest locker on the market – the Excalibur Locker.

Excalibur Lockers are made with 16-gauge steel for incredible strength. The door and body
panels can handle regular heavy use without issue.

Excalibur Locker doors are double-pan doors mounted with a full-length piano hinge and
secured with a single-point latch. We also include our quiet-close and stay-closed door
technology. The result is a very strong and secure locker face.

The Excalibur Locker comes in many tier configurations and a variety of heights, widths and

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More Information

Join Excalibur Lockers side to side and back to back to create the ideal hallway or locker room
storage solution. Joining them back to back will create aisles of storage in your change room.

All Excalibur Lockers are powder coated in a color paint finish to increase durability. We also
offer a graffiti-resistant paint upgrade. This innovative paint makes cleaning off graffiti as easy
as wiping down the locker.

Make Excalibur Lockers part of your storage solution today.

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Excalibur Lockers are manufactured with our heaviest 16-gauge steel. All of the locker
components are made with high-quality metals.

Excalibur Lockers come in many sizes and variations to suit all locker storage needs.

Our 60-in. tall locker is available in 1, 2 & 5 tier options, with 4 different widths and 5 different
depths. The 72-in. tall Event locker is available in 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 tier options with the same
standard width and depth options as the 60-in. tall locker.

We also offer short configurations – 36 in. tall and 48 in. tall.

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Ordering Information

There are many locker configurations, components and upgrades. Contact a storage specialist
today to create the perfect storage solution for your needs.

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